KUNG FU SAN SOO of Texas - Where EVERYONE can achive success!

With a decade of professional educational service to North Texas, you can depend upon our Hall of Fame award winning staff to guide your personal growth experiences. Adults, Children and Special Needs individuals...Look no further!

Whether seeking better health and fitness, increased self confidence, weight loss, cardio-vascular improvement or flexibility and stamina for you or your children, it's right here - in a safe, friendly, educational environment that simultaneously provides the best real world street survival skills training available.

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Kung-Fu San Soo is a pure fighting technique.

It is not a sport. It is a time-tested art based on combinations of punches, kicks, strikes, locks, blocks and throws directed at the vital parts of the body and performed in perfect rhythm following no set pattern, so they may be changed instantly to suit any situation. The utilization of highly scientific principles of physics involving movement and leverage as well as intense concentration and controlled breathing gives a fighter extreme power.

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