General Training Benefits

Whether you’re seeking better health and fitness, increased self confidence, weight loss, cardio-vascular improvement, or flexibility and stamina for you or your children, it's right here - in a safe, friendly, educational environment that provides the best real-world, street-survival-skills training available.

Along with these aspects, agility, balance, coordination, humility, self confidence, and respect for one's fellow man are emphasized. Kung-Fu San Soo is a particularly fierce method of street fighting, the sole objective of which is the complete "neutralization" of the opponent. An actual encounter usually lasts no more than 3 to 7 seconds. The entire San Soo system is based on the human body's responses to stimuli - mostly pain. The San Soo fighter completely controls his opponents motions by delivering packages of pain to specific points: nerve centers, pressure points, glands, joints and/or internal organs.

Originally, Chinese monks developed, perfected, and documented San Soo by experimenting with the body's reaction to countless types and varying degrees of physical inputs. That is how they were able to learn the devastating effects of using the opponent's own movements to destroy him. Thus, in San Soo, unlike any other martial art, the destructive power of a single blow is not stressed, such as being able to break boards or bricks. It is much more economical and powerful to have the opponent do the work. If he is already moving to meet you (which is in response to something you’ve just done to him) you have to apply very little force.

San Soo isn't about strength or athletics, youth or age. Rather, it is about physics, momentum, economy and survival. Specifically, it is about street fighting and immobilizing - in a grave way - someone who wants to do you bodily harm, making this one of the most brutal and effective forms of hand-to-hand combat in existence. Philosophically however, our students are taught that fighting itself is an ugly act and that the physical application of San Soo techniques is absolutely the last resort for conflict resolution and self defense. The best fight won is that which was prevented from happening.

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