Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Training

 KUNG FU SAN SOO of Texas takes a parallel approach to offering you in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area, the finest, most effective personal protection martial arts, weapons and combat training available: modern day martial sciences integrated with Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Training exercises.

 When we speak of traditional kung fu training, this does not relate to ritual, mysticism, or theatrics. There is no bowing, chanting, or similar behaviors but rather, the use of self defense oriented exercises and forms - centuries old in existence - that will offer the DFW martial arts student improved health, strength, stamina, balance, and fluidity of motion.

 We work collaboratively with other Kung Fu San Soo schools around the country in offering this unique set of additional training options to the DFW Mid-Cities and surrounding communities, that allow today's Kung Fu San Soo student to make a historic connection to the ancient roots of our art, training in techniques developed centuries ago by the originators of this system. Additionally, it should be understood that engaging in this work is very challenging and exists as an option for our students to pursue based upon their individual goals and benefits desired.

 Stance-based strength work, continuity of movement, balance exercises such as the traditional Five Wheel Horse, and internal energy cultivation and application practices employing select QiGong sets provide our students the opportunity to secure enhanced health benefits along with world-class self defense skills.

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